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Hon. Mirza Asad Ali Baig

Founder & Chairman of Anti Corruption Anti Crime Forum Pakistan (ACACF)

As a social activist and the founder of the Anti-Corruption Anti-Crime Forum, I have witnessed the harmful impact of corruption and crime on innocent lives in Pakistan. Unfortunately, the country's historical circumstances have divided the nation into various groups based on political, religious, linguistic, tribal, caste, and professional affiliations, which has been exploited by the divide-and-rule policy. This has transformed Pakistani civilized society into a criminal society. To transform Pakistan into a prosperous, fear-free, developing, and civilized nation, we must unite based on the principles of right and wrong, disregarding any discriminatory factors, and work collectively to combat corruption and crime.

Hon. Mirza Asad Ali Baig
Adv. Zulfiqar Ali Badar
Maj. Gen. Retd Muhammad Saad Khattak

Former Pakistani High Commissioner to Sri Lanka

Mr. Major General (Retd) Muhammad Saad Khattak, former Pakistani High Commissioner to Sri Lanka and Founder of the Pakistan Aam Admi Movement (PAAM), is dedicated to addressing injustices, lack of assistance, and challenges faced by the common man in public services and government departments. He is committed to strengthening the collaborative efforts of Markaz Awami Shikayat to address departmental issues faced by citizens and improve the overall well-being of the general public in Pakistan.

Adv. Zulfiqar Ali Badar

Spokesperson for the Chairman and Minister of Foreign Affairs

Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Badar is the Chairman of the Lahore High Court Bar Association's standing committee on Foreign Relations, Diplomatic Affairs, and Embassy Liaison. He also serves as the Spokesperson for Minister of Foreign Affairs Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. Mr. Badar is deeply concerned about the inadequate legal support system in Pakistan. As the CEO of Badar & Badar Law Associates, he is committed to expanding the Free Legal Aid project nationwide to offer accessible legal assistance, empower marginalized communities, and ensure equal legal representation for all.

Adv. Zulfiqar Ali Badar
Adv. Zulfiqar Ali Badar
Ms. Nasreen Farooq Ayub

Former Provincial and Federal Child Commissioner

Ms. Nasreen Farooq Ayub, as a former Chief Provincial Commissioner for Child at the Office of Ombudsman Punjab, Government of Pakistan, and a current member of the Honorary Executive Committee of Anti Corruption Anti Crime Forum Pakistan, you have a wealth of experience in advocating for the rights and protection of women and children. We appreciate your willingness to serve on this platform and contribute your valuable knowledge and expertise to promote justice and strengthen communities. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to these important causes.

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