We want to eliminate fear by strengthening the legally, socially and financially oppressed sections of the society through the monitoring of government institutions, awareness of public consciousness, advocacy for anti-corruption legal reforms and condemnation of corruption.


We want to clean Pakistan from corruption and take it on the path of development.


To develop a social system based on mutual cooperation where everyone feels safe and access to justice is easy.


Mirza Asad Ali Baig

  • Chairman Anti-Corruption Anti-Crime Forum Pakistan
  • Former Vice chairman NPCIH-Government of Pakistan
  • Chairman ART a project of Government of Pakistan
  • Chairman Nest (Rehabilitation of slums)
  • Former member HRF
  • Chairman Green Heaven Society
  • Chief Executive Ikhwa Builders & Developers
  • Architectural & Development Consultant
  • Anti-Corruption Anti-Crime Forum Pakistan, ACACF (Registration No. 401-4-322) is a Non-Governmental Organization registered under the Registration Act 1908 of Pakistan.
  • Anti-Corruption Anti-Crime Forum Pakistan, ACACF is an approved NGO by the Pakistan’s Federal Board of Revenue.
  • Anti-Corruption Anti-Crime Forum Pakistan, ACACF Certified by the Charity Commission of Punjab (Government of Punjab) .

Story of ACACF

As a social activist, the journey to founding a practical and theoretical organization against corruption while resolving the heartbreaking incidents of the victims. Apart from business for a long time, he used to spend most of his time in social service. Allah had given him a wide circle, excellent connections and good recognition in departments. used to solve the problems. In such a situation, a disturbing incident happened in front of him which was also worthy of consideration for the society and from this the idea of working for a platform like Anti-Corruption Anti-Crime Forum was awakened.

The incident happened that a person came to them and said to help me, I have nothing left, and I am homeless from my house and hiding from the police for many days. I have no son, only a daughter and wife who are alone at home now. The police have issued notices to me in several police stations and are repeatedly raiding my house to find me and terrorizing my daughter and wife.

I went to many people for help, I went to many human rights organizations, I went to the media, but nobody helped me because I didn’t have money to give them.He said that he came to seek help after hearing your introduction, I don’t have money, it was clear from the condition of this person that he is tired even of paying for food and drink.

He further stated that I am the owner of property worth billions of rupees, and an influential person known to me forced me to sign the property papers and some such documents to take away this property. It was done by which the revenue record can be tampered with. He said that because the gun point was signed from me, he could not deny it, that opponent is a member of a well-known organization and an influential person. Big police officers, tahsildars, patwaris all with him. have met and are supporting him in all this matter. He has filed false cases against me in different police stations.

Now, instead of saving my property, I am running and hiding and they are trying to send me to jail, there are papers against me in many police stations, and I am not at all familiar with the police station. When I go to jail, I don’t know what will happen to me. I will be able to come out or I will have to spend the rest of my life in jail. I have my wife and daughter behind, I don’t know how they will be treated.

He said that at this time I am also very worried about the expenses, neither can I go to the bank nor can I go to my business, due to which the conditions of poverty have also arisen in my house, I am in a very difficult situation.

Then after listening to his whole story, on the basis of the honor and relationship that Allah had given me, I deleted his papers, restored the record that he messed up with a fake signature. He spent the lawyer’s expenses, accommodation, food and drink, and it took him about a month and a half before he was able to save his life from all these matters.

I am surprised that the owner of a multi-billion rupee property whose food I had to manage, this incident shook me

On the one hand, there is this system of corruption that has a strong nexus of criminals and government officials, and on the other hand, a billionaire who is affected by this system also ends up in such a situation that he may have to spend his entire life in prison with humiliation, his wife and children are forced to beg on the road. And his next generation will be destroyed. And there is no organization to support them.
After that, I realized that there should be a platform that will stop corruption, in which there is a timely legal and social financial support arrangement for the people affected by corruption, there is a charity fund arrangement and at that time When they are disturbed, all their expenses should be provided, at least save as many people as we can.

Philosophy – Helping the Oppressed

Helping the oppressed. Desire of the Messenger of Allah

Anti-Corruption Anti-Crime Forum Pakistan is a non-governmental organization which was founded in 2000 to help the oppressed on the basis of the incident of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam in which a merchant brought his wealth to a merchant in Mecca for the purpose of trade. . The local merchant, finding him lonely and a foreigner, kept his property and usurped its value. The foreign businessman was very upset and went to some local people in tears and narrated his troubleWhen the good people of Makkah heard the story of the oppression of the merchant, they swore an oath to the people of their circle that we will support the oppressed and unite against the oppressor to end the oppression.The Prophet ﷺ participated in this agreement before Prophethood. This oath was so dear to him that even after the conquest of Makkah, he remembered this incident that even now if he wants to make such an oath or agreement with me, I will like it.


1.Transparency (شفافیت)
2. Integrity (دیانتداری)
3.Solidarity (یکجہتی)
4. Courage (ہمت)
5. Justice (انصاف)
6. Democracy (جمہوریت)




The World’s First anti corruption organization
that rescues the victims of corruption
and crime through charity.

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Anti-Corruption Anti-Crime Forum Pakistan, ACACF (Registration No. 401-4-322) is a Non-Governmental Organization registered under the Registration Act 1908 of Pakistan.

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