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“Islamic center” is not a traditional center of any religion or sect but brotherhood and harmony among all religions and sects.It is a practical plan to promote and reduce the growing difficulties in the people due to communal division.A Muslim is the brother of a Muslim, he himself oppresses him and does not leave him without a helper, nor does he despise him (Sahih Muslim).

Islamic Republic of Pakistan is the result of joint efforts and sacrifices of Muslims. Pakistan, a country built in the name of Islam, has been divided into individual sects, separate mosques, ideologies and identities. This division has fostered destruction, social inequality, one-sided sympathies, hateful attitudes, intolerance, anxiety, and insecurity in the Islamic economic system.This is directly or indirectly benefiting the enemies of Islam and the enemies of the country. While Islam teaches us the golden principles of religious tolerance and freedom of belief, which are essential for a peaceful society, the need for such efforts at the national level has greatly increased to create a positive balance between all religions in the society. Difficulties can be reduced and an environment of peace and security and mutual respect can be promoted in the country, that is why the project of the Islamic Center is for the people of all religions without the imprint of any religion.

To activate the government funds allocated for religious affairs, ministries and departments in the right direction under the supervision of committees based on leaders related to different disciplines in the Islamic Center. Preventing negative attitudes, chaos, opposition or sectarian riots with the support of religious scholars and leaders. Stopping groups involved in illegal/adverse activities or terrorism in the name of religion. It includes the promotion of peace and security and an environment of mutual respect in the country, for which the following steps will be started


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