Due to corruption, democracy is weakening in the world, destruction is spreading in trade, human rights are being violated, injustices and lawlessness are increasing. Crimes like terrorism, money laundering, human trafficking, may destroy the whole world. have been. In 2003, UNO organized a convention against corruption, which examined the causes of corruption around the world and its effects on society. Poverty has been cited as a major cause of corruption .Since this law is new in the world and how to create charities in the civil society anti-corruption and how to work against corruption in the public. It is a challenge all over the world. Alhamdulillah Mirza Asad Ali Baig and his talented daughters Farhana Baig and With the tireless work and efforts of Sarah Baig, a project called Center for Public Grievances has been created. It is hoped that this law will be the first institution in the world for public relief against corruption and we hope that the Center for Public Grievances project will not only be a tool for the people of Pakistan. Would be a great gift ,Rather, this project will be accepted as a successful experience all over the world, God willing.

According to the Corruption Perception Index published by Transparency International, Pakistan ranks 140 out of 180 countries in the world. The main reason for the increase of corruption in the country is the rotten, unworkable, laws that conflict with fundamental rights and the lack of laws. opened and the violation of human rights in the country, the promotion of non-standard trade, the rule of criminals instead of dignitaries in democracy, difficulties in the way of justice and Out of lawlessness grew the law of the jungle. In this society, the public grievance center serves the purpose of anyone who has suffered any loss or damage to his life, property or honor from government departments or criminals and is unable to get justice through the relevant departments, courts, or other institutions. To ensure protection and justice. So that by paving the way for commerce, politics and society for the common man, the people will be disappointed can be extracted from

There are more than 600 NGOs working in the world because the main purpose of charity is to launch pilot projects by doing research, creation and innovation for welfare and improvement. But unfortunately, the role of charitable organizations is not seen in Pakistan except for a few limited sectors coming While there is an oppressive system in the country. Rashi officers are the shield of criminals. Every day, the news of the oppression of the weak by the powerful is seen circulating in the media. Every person who has power in the streets is a bully. Or ask a gangster to pay taxes. Gentleman frightened. Helpless. Frustrated with the system, every oppression is forced to suffer in silence. If someone dares to raise his voice in front of corrupt officers and criminals, he has to face false cases. He is presented as a criminal in the society. Because of which his business is destroyed and he loses his job. Sometimes the entire family under his care, wife, children, elderly parents, food, drink, medical treatment and children are forced to live a life of fear. Because the common man cannot afford the expenses of lawyers. Can’t reach high officials, can’t spend on media. Neither can secure a safe place to avoid threats. This is the reason why the brutality of criminals and corrupt officers is increasing day by day. On the other hand, there is no institution in the country which provides the necessary facilities and resources to the oppressed for free and saves innocent precious lives from being wasted. Welfare and Charity Plan Center for Public Grievances will take steps to secure the lives and dignity of all victims, regardless of whether the victims can pay the expenses or not.

The organization has initially focused on the assistance of such individual and collective victims who are victims of daily crimes spread in the society. Violation of human rights among these victims. Imprisonment of the innocent. Bribery and criminal negligence in departments. Difficulties with justice. Organized crime. And victims of white collar crime are included. However, the institution will ensure assistance to the victims of the following crimes/atrocities by using all resources.

A common complaint is a disturbance in the meter bill. Non-registration of FIR. Departments cause undue inconvenience to the user. Difficulty in determining the correct department includes such minor day-to-day problems as can provide relief to victims with less cost, less time and less staff. The branches are: (a) Correct guidance (b) Practical cooperation
Out come, with this facility, people who are deprived of their right due to minor obstacles will be able to get their right easily.

The relief operation refers to the attack on the victim’s life, property or honor, to punish the criminals in accordance with the law and to give the oppressed their right, experts, lawyers, field force, security and other necessary facilities are needed. .

This operation refers to such measures which must be taken as an immediate emergency. Otherwise, there is a fear of loss of life, property, honor or loss of evidence etc.
Outcome: On every successful operation, the victims of oppression will be able to start a new fearless life after securing their lives and property.

Persons under the protection of the institution through the monthly sponsorship program. Accommodation and food for the relatives of these prisoners and victims of oppression and injustice whose sources of income have been destroyed. Medical treatment. Education of children. And small loans are arranged to restore life.
Out come this program will save destitute families from a life of poverty, suicide and generations from becoming criminals or living in darkness.

Other programs like public service monitoring, anti-corruption reform (reforms), raising awareness, search and solution, international anti-corruption coordination will be started upon the establishment of Central Public Grievances Provincial Secretariats.


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